CRM 2011 – Discovery Service & Developer Resources

In this post we will look at obtaining the discovery service for a CRM 2011 on premise installation. Often the service is required for the plug-in registration tool or for custom code. Instead of searching through IIS to look for and decipher the service links, as in the earlier versions, CRM2011 has a very handy developer reference section.

To access the developer resources, go to Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources

This will launch the following page:

CRM2011 – Developer Resources

This screen contains information regarding the following:

  • Organization Unique Name
  • Discovery Service
  • Organization Service
  • Organization Data Service

Of these the often used is the Discovery service. Click on the link for Discovery service. You will get the following definition:

CRM2011 – Discovery Service

The organization service link returns the following page:

CRM2011 – Organization Service

One of the first instances you will need to supply the Discovery service url is for plugin registration.


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